Study on Brain Responses During Simulated Driving

What is the goal of this research study?
We want to study brain responses in individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) during simulated driving. We will compare brain measures in adolescents and adults with and without ASD while driving.
Why are you inviting my child to be part of the study?
You or your teenager are being asked to take part in this study because he or she is typically developing OR has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We are asking adolescents and adults ages 16 years and older to be in the study.
What will we be asked to do?
We will ask you or your adolescent to make one visit to CHOP. We will have you or your adolescent complete a non-invasive (safe) brain imaging. We will pay you for your time and provide free parking.
What are the benefits of taking part in this research study?
We hope to learn more about brain development in adolescents and adults with and without ASD. 
I want to help! Who do I call?
For any questions or to participate in the study please contact:
Chelsea Ward
Clinical research Coordinator 
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia 
Email: DrivingSimulator [at] (subject: Driving%20Simulator) or Wardc8 [at]
Phone: 215-590-1244