Brains Change Study

What is the goal of this research study? We want to study how brain function and structure change in childhood. We will compare brain measures in children with and without autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Why are you inviting my child to be part of the study? Your child is being asked to take part in this study because he or she is typically developing OR has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We are asking children between the ages of 5 and a half and 8 years 11 months to be in the study. What will we be asked to do? We want to follow children over time. We will ask you and your child to make two visits to CHOP about every 18 months for 3 years. We will have your child do tests of language, problem-solving, and basic academic skills as well as non-invasive (safe) brain imaging. We will pay you for your time and provide free parking. What are the benefits of taking part in this research study? We hope to learn more about brain development in children with and without ASD. You will also get a short report that tells about your child’s development and test results.