Dr. Timothy Roberts

Principal Investigator
Oberkircher Family Chair in Pediatric Radiology
Professor of Radiology, Vice-chair, Research, Dept. of Radiology Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Professor of Radiology, Perelman School of Medicine Adjunct, Professor of Linguistics University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Roberts obtained his PhD from Cambridge University, England in 1992 (BA, Cambridge University, 1988). He has subsequently been on the faculty at UCSF (Radiology, 1994-2002, Asst. & Assoc. Prof) and the University of Toronto (Medical Imaging, 2002-2005, Assoc. and Full Prof) and is presently holder of the Oberkircher Family Chair in Pediatric Radiology and Vice-Chair for Research in the Department of Radiology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as well as Professor of Radiology and Adjunct Professor of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania. He directs the Lurie Family Foundations MEG Imaging Center at CHOP (one of the larger clinical and research MEG facilities in the USA, with 3 MEG devices and a staff of approximately 25-30 faculty, postdocs, graduate students, research assistants and technologists). His work in multimodal, 4D/5D functional imaging using biomagnetic recording (magnetoencephalography, MEG) as well as advanced MRI techniques (such as diffusion tensor imaging and edited magnetic resonance spectroscopy), specifically in the study of auditory processing and language in autism spectrum disorders has been supported by the National Alliance for Autism Research and is presently supported by Autism Speaks, the Nancy Lurie Marks Family Foundation, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Simons Foundation, the Dept. of Defense and NIH. He additionally has served/is serving as the primary mentor of 5 junior faculty who are supported by NIH “K”-awards (Edgar, Leitman, Berman, Chen, Bloy) and has active research endeavors, beyond the field of autism, in Schizophrenia, TBI and Parkinson’s Disease, as well as methodological development. He has published in excess of 300 scientific papers, 30+ book chapters and given a large number of international invited presentations, mostly in the field of physiologic and functional imaging, reviews grant proposals for NIH (standing member, DBD 2008-12) and several equivalent international agencies (UK, Germany, Austria, Singapore, Israel, Cyprus, Canada, Holland), and serves on the executive committee of the American Society for Neuroradiology, the American Society for Functional Neuroradiology (President 2009-10) and the International Society for the Advancement of Clinical MEG (President 2009-11).

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