Dr. Emily Kuschner

Principal Investigator
Clinical Psychologist
Scientist; Assistant Professor of Psychology in Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine

Dr. Kuschner earned her doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Rochester. As a collaborator in Dr. Timothy Roberts’ MEG Center, Dr. Kuschner conducts diagnostic and neurocognitive evaluations for research participants, and works closely with Dr. Roberts and his team to develop clinical support protocols to help children participate in neuroimaging research studies, regardless of age or ability. These clinical protocols allow a wide range of children to participate in our studies, including infants and children with intellectual ability or limited speech. Dr. Kuschner also now has a program of research aimed at understanding food selectivity in children, adolescents, and adults with ASD. She developed the BUFFET Program (Building Up Food Flexibility and Exposure Treatment), a multi-family group intervention that uses cognitive behavioral strategies to improve food selectivity. Dr. Kuschner's studies aim to establish BUFFET as an evidence-based treatment program and to explore food selectivity assessment tools that will characterize food selectivity and sensitively measure treatment change.

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